I feel like I’m gonna puke

I’m p sure my friends don’t give a shit about me haha

you can make things alright, please try to do something to take your mind off things, watch a youtube video, play some games, make some hot cocoa <3 please feel better! don't resort to self harm, it does no good whatsoever! you can resist!

ahhhh yeah I played some animal crossing for a while uwu it really helped

I’m really sorry about posting all that negative stuff guys uwu

I feel like I’m gonna puke fuck


my movements are jerky

I had a massive panic attack in the shower that was fun



im probably gonna self harm in my shower lmAO 


random bunnies


a cat


by all means call out john green on his bullshit don’t stand for one bit of it but while you’re at it don’t throw the 13 year old girls who read his books under the bus with him for crying over fictional boys and photoshopping flower crowns onto things and blogging about their social anxiety protect them at all fucking costs